Winchester OB-GYN provides the highest quality of obstetric and gynecologic care. We are Board-Certified or Board-Eligible by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Obstetric Care
Obstetric care at Winchester OB/GYN Associates, P.C. begins with an extensive intake visit, going through past medical and surgical history, family and genetic history, and counseling about what to expect and how to approach this exciting journey for you and your family. For some patients, this may include a preconception counseling visit to discuss any concerns, infertility, pre-existing medical conditions, or just to prepare for a new pregnancy. Prenatal visits lead you all the way through your pregnancy. Care is customized to the patient and the pregnancy. We enlist high-risk obstetricians (Maternal-Fetal Medicine) for consultation in cases of complicated pregnancy, but remain your doctors throughout. A physician is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for any unexpected questions or issues that may arise outside of your regularly scheduled visits. Our obstetric providers are skilled in labor and delivery management when the time comes to bring your baby into the world. We deliver at Winchester Hospital and provide all of your intrapartum and postpartum care at that facility. After delivery, routine and unscheduled office visits are provided to ensure all is well in the postpartum period. Family planning options, postpartum depression screening, and preventive care and counseling are addressed in this phase of care.

Gynecologic Care
Our specialists at Winchester OB/GYN, P.C. are trained to address any gynecologic or reproductive concern. We offer routine and complex contraceptive counseling to assist in family planning and reproductive health, including placement of long-acting reversible contraception (IUDs and Nexplanon TM devices) and surgical sterilization (including Essure TM tubal sterilization in the office setting). We evaluate and treat symptoms of menopause and peri-menopause. We consult on vaginal and vulvar irritation, infection, and pain complaints. Our gynecologists manage both routine and abnormal pap smears, and will guide you through further surveillance and treatment, if necessary. We are available to consult on menstrual disorders, and offer both medical and surgical management of these conditions. Patients with pelvic pain or infertility will also find specialized care at Winchester OB/GYN, P.C.

Preventive Care
Winchester OB/GYN Associates, P.C. provides well-woman preventive care for women of all ages. Routine annual exams can be scheduled to perform routine health physicals, annual cervical cancer and breast cancer screening, fertility and menopause guidance, and adolescent gynecologic evaluation. For those with a family history of cancer or other genetic disease, we can provide counseling and offer genetic testing for conditions that may affect cancer risk or pregnancy outcomes.